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Paul and Kathryn Embow - Little Fella, Ebony and Beau


Our little Fella came from Lorna and Steve’s second litter many years age. He is now nearly eleven years old and is still full of energy and bursting with life.


He is a very loving and affectionate little boy. 

Fella is a testament to Lorna and Steve’s breeding.


The care and attention to detail raising these litters is second to none. So as soon as we new they were breeding again we had to jump on the list. So we now have one of the last litter, our Ebony. A truly amazing little girl in all aspects. So amazing we are now having a third pup. Well worth the travel of 230 miles all the way from Yorkshire, even just to go see them raised in a family environment. 


Thank you Lorna and Steve for bringing joy into our lives.

Red and Tim Anderton-Tyers ​ - Sawyer & Nevada

Flint Sky Alaskan Malamutes 

We first came to Lorna and Steve Bartlett of Articrainbow to add a second malamute to our working sled dog team.  Our very first encounter with Lorna gave us the opportunity not only to meet her 5 dogs (all related to the puppy we would have) but also nieces, aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings from previous breedings. 


What we immediately noticed was how many people had not one dog from Lorna, but usually several!  That spoke very highly of them and so it was that our boy ‘Sawyer’ came to us from Articrainbow a few months later.  I cannot recommend them highly enough, either for their breeding programme which is well considered and produces consistently strong examples of the breed with great working drive and temperament carrying proven old UK lines – but also for their level of experience.   They were a joy to deal with from start to finish, treat all of their puppy people like family and provided us with an incredibly well-rounded and happy puppy ready for the world!  Our boy Sawyer has become the rock of our pack, not only as a fantastic, gentle member of our household but also leading our sled dog team (either running with another dog or on his own) for several years and winning the prestigious AMCUK Top Working Malamute Rally Dog in the UK for 2017.  


He holds working titles from both the UK and America and placed 2ndin the southern weightpull championships in 2018 – his first year competing. 


Sawyer has also shown extremely well, qualifying for Crufts every year of his life, but also placing 3rdin his first ever Crufts under breed specialist Barbara Stanier in 2017.   Sawyer is a very special dog for us – and we are so grateful to Lorna and Steve for giving us such an amazing example of the breed and their lines! 


We would happily recommend them as breeders to anyone interested in either an excellent working dog or just an amazing new member of the family! 

Will Smith - Shelby

'I am having a malamute pup from the litter dated June/July 2018 from Fergus and Loopy.

Both Lorna and Steve have been very supportive and informative in preparation.

They have welcomed me to various AMWA meets and introduced me to other malamute owners.

Fantastic experience throughout. Many thanks. 


Adrian & Rose Walker. Arcticspirit Malamutes - Miska, 

'We have known Lorna and Steve Bartlett at Articrainbow for many years. We are the very proud keepers of 5 malamutes that they have bred, three of which were sired by one of our own Malamute, Koby. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience of this magnificent breed and, as responsible breeders, they would always be our first choice when looking to purchase a well-rounded malamute with an exceptional temperament.

Angela Dwyer and Stuart Wallice - Rufus

We were aware of the breeding between Loopy and Fergus and know many of the puppies from their previous litter.  All of the puppies have a great temperament which was the most important thing for us, and they also have a good work ethic which is an added bonus. Lorna and Steve are very knowledgeable about the breed and give them a fantastic start in life, rearing them in their home, interacting with them constantly and exposing them to the routine of day to day life.  When they are old enough, they experience different environments for example college, hospice and are taken out in the van. Rufus was a very confident little man when we brought him home.

Karen Meadows - Penelope

Artic rainbow is dedicated to their dogs and are well known for this. They are members of the Alaskan Malamute club of the United Kingdom and the Alaskan malamutes working Association. When we visited we found a spacious environment which the pups were in where they could explore well still being safe. Lorna was extremely helpful and is a breeder that cares deeply for her dogs and will provide you with a lifetime of advice and after-care. After being allowed to take Penelope (our pup) home with us, all questions have been answered by Lorna. Other owners of puppies from the litter also very helpful as we have a “Puppies 2018” Group chat where advice is shared and queries are answered. If Lorna does not think you are fit to house a puppy she will advise you. Artic rainbow is reliable and strive to give their dogs the best.

Melanie Evans - Bear

Six months after loosing our boy Bohdi we contacted 4 malamute breeders from the KC register! All of them emailed me back but 1 stood out the most as her response was so caring and lovely! That was Lorna! We kept in contact over the months and 6 months later we traveled up from South Wales to Essex to meet her and her 6 malamutes, we spent the day with them and what a day it was! Her knowledge of the breed and experience is amazing and we decided we would wait however long to have a puppy from her.

Over the next 6 months we had regular updates, from the the breeding to the first scan, a phone call the day they were born and videos and photos every week. We are now 1 week away from picking up our beautiful boy Bear! It has been a amazing experience and we have made friends along the way, we now feel privileged to be part of this malamute family and are looking forward to seeing his brothers and sisters grow over the years! We cannot thank Lorna and Steve enough!

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