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D.O.B: 27th October 2008


Peppa is a beautiful girl from Chilli’s first litter.  Peppa loves to snuggle up and spends her evenings lying on laps. Peppa is a great little worker and has been successful in the show ring and qualifying for Crufts 2010.  Peppa is a strong bitch with a gorgeous head and broad chest she is a magnificent girl with sound conformation and an impeccable disposition. She is a loving sweet natured girl who loves to play ball with the children.


DOB: 9th November 2017


Loopy is a very pretty Malamute who has given us so much, she is a true sweetheart and enjoys nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa.  Loopy is an exceptionally strong dog, who is playful and loyal. Loopy is an amazing working dog who adores wearing her harness and running with her brother Elvis.  Loopy has given us 10 beautiful puppies, one of which we kept... Taggie, what a gift Loopy has given us.

Since writing this Loopy has given us another 8 stunning pups, she is such an amazing mother, kind, gentle and playful….. very proud!


DOB   24th November 2014



Elvis is a thick well set, solid dog with a wonderfully soft disposition.  Elvis enjoys running in harness with his sister Loopy. We don’t show Elvis very often, but he has qualified for Crufts 2018, which has made us very proud as he always works so very hard for us, with everything that we ask him to do.


Elvis is part of the animal care course at USP Seevic Campus, part of his duties include de-stressing students before exams, assisting students with their grooming, handling, first aid and behaviour assignments.  Elvis is well loved by both staff and students.



DOB 18TH November 2016


Taggie is a well boned girl with a beautiful head with well-set ears, she has an amazing tail that she carried over her back with pride,   Taggie is such a kind girl, gentle, playful and always eager to please.  Taggie ran her first season last year in scooter class, both Taggie and myself had lots of fun.

Taggie is a very gentle girl who enjoys spending time at the USP seevic campus, here she enjoys helping out with teaching student’s animal first aid and revels in being bandaged, groomed, walked and trained to do tricks.  Taggie or Elvis are always available before exams to give support to nervous students. 


DOB 25th June 2020

Bunny is an extremely  playful pup who loves to eat.... anything.  Bunny is growing into a beautiful girl with amazing bone, tail and coat.  We have not had the opportunity to show Bunny as she was born during lockdown 2020, but we are looking forward to training her in harness where I am sure she will excel. 

Bunny is a college dog and spends a couple of days a week with the students, helping them to groom, carry out health test and eat their dinners. 

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